Top Tips

Here are some Top Tips to help your challenge or fundraiser to be a heart-thumping success.

Getting Started

Decide upon your challenge or fundraiser, how much you would like to raise and how you are going to go about it. Set ambitious but attainable goals and you’ll be amazed by how quickly you will achieve them!

Register to Fundraise

Once you have decided on your challenge or fundraiser, register to fundraise (or click here for the Larapinta Trek) and receive your fundraising page. Update and personalise your page regularly – share what your challenge or fundraiser is all about, add photos, your progress and the reasons why you’re raising funds for Heart Support Australia.

Lead the Way

Show your commitment for the cause and lead the way by making the first donation.

Spread the Word – Make a Heartfelt Difference

Spread the word by sharing your fundraising page with your networks of family, friends, neighbours, workmates, and recreational, fitness or sporting clubs via socials, online messaging, email, phone calls or text and ask for their support to make a heartfelt difference. Remember, the number one reason why people support a fundraiser and donate is because they were asked! These Terrific Tools can also help you to spread the word! (Larapinta Trek promotional tools are coming soon).

Limit Costs

If you are holding an event, ask local businesses for their support in limiting the costs of your fundraiser and ask for venues, prizes and services to be donated or discounted in return for some promotion at the event.

Bank As You Go

Encourage your supporters to make a secure online donation directly to your fundraising page. If you do receive cash, you can add these gifts as Offline Donations and watch your fundraising tally rise closer to your goal! See our FAQs page for the steps to add Offline Donations.

You’ve Done It – Congratulations!

Thank you and well done on completing your challenge or fundraiser. Now it’s time to update your fundraising page with your success and send a thank you to each of your supporters. Remember to also bank any outstanding funds (as Offline Donations) so that we can continue to make a heartfelt difference to Australians recovering from a cardiac event.

Your fundraising will help us to provide support to Australian cardiac patients,
reducing the risk of a secondary heart event.

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