Healthy Heart Challenge®

Show your heart some love. Change your habits, change your heart health.

They say it takes approximately 28 days to form a new habit. Heart Support Australia is challenging you to change the way you treat your heart by changing some of your habits. Show your heart some love by committing to the Heart Support Australia Healthy Heart Challenge® for 28 days.

Committing to the Healthy Heart Challenge® for 28 days can help you to establish long term healthy heart habits. And even better than that, while making a difference in your own life, you will also be helping to make a difference in the lives of others. Your commitment and generosity will help Heart Support Australia to continue providing physical, psychological and social support for Australians suffering from a cardiac condition, reducing their risk of a secondary cardiac event.

Leading Australian cardiologist and Heart Support Australia patron, Dr Ross Walker has narrowed attaining a healthy heart down to five key principles; these five key principles form the Healthy Heart Challenge®.

Commit to Quit

Make a commitment to your heart and give up smoking, alcohol, junk foods, or any other vice that is getting in the way of a healthy heart.

Get Some Shut Eye

Set yourself up for the day ahead and introduce an evening routine to help you get the recommended seven to eight hours’ sleep at night.

Healthy Eating

Challenge yourself to no added salt and no added sugar. Enjoy a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, and try seasoning with herbs and spices instead. Your heart and your tastebuds will thank you!

Eight Thousand Steps

Life has become much more sedentary, and our hearts are paying the price. Conquer at least eight thousand steps in your day and reap the healthy heart rewards.

Stress Less, Smile More

An important factor in having a healthy heart is to be happy. Commit to making some time for yourself and spend an hour each day doing something just for you.

How it Works

Decide on your challenge or fundraiser.

Choose how you are going to fundraise and register to create your fundraising page.

Personalise your fundraising page.

Update your page with your goal, profile photo and story to share with all your family, friends and colleagues.


Help to make a heartfelt difference.

Your fundraising will help us to provide support to cardiac patients, reducing the risk of a secondary heart event.

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