About us

Beginning as the Zipper Club in 1986, Heart Support Australia was formally established as a national not-for-profit organisation in 1989 providing support, information and encouragement for people who have been affected by a cardiac event.

Patients who have experienced a cardiac event such as a heart attack are twice as likely to die prematurely when compared with the general population, making secondary heart disease prevention essential.

Heart Support Australia’s mission is to facilitate the transition of cardiac patients from hospital to home by providing the physical, psychological, and social support to help reduce the risk of a secondary cardiac event, for as long as is needed.

Heart Support Australia Peer Support Groups are established when there is a need identified in the community, providing a forum where people with a heart condition and their families are able to support each other, share information and encourage each other in day-to-day living.

Heart Support Australia aims to reach out to all Australians affected by a cardiac event, especially those in remote, rural and regional areas who are unable to get the same support as those in urban regions.

Having assisted cardiac patients and their families for over thirty years and an increasing demand for help, Heart Support Australia now needs your support to survive.

How you can help

By fundraising for Heart Support Australia you can help us to continue to reach those who have been affected by a heart event, and their families and carers, and provide them with the support and infomration they need to improve their quality of life and help reduce their risk of a secondary heart event.

Your generosity will also contribute to creating additional peer support groups, including online options throughout the country to reach more Australians suffering from a heart condition or recovering from a cardiac event.

Interested in starting or joining a peer support group?

We are here to help you - call our National Office on
02 6253 0097 or Contact Us for more information.