About us

Heart Support Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation providing support, information, and encouragement to people who have been affected by a heart event. The National Office in Canberra supports Heart Support Australia role as a peak body while our network of Branches and Interest Groups across Australia provides on-the-ground support.

Our Branches and Interest Groups offer peer support services to assist people affected by heart conditions. Branches meet on a regular basis, organising social events, guest speakers, recreational activities, hospital visits and other community work. Along with our on-the-ground support services, Heart Support Australia provides a host of online and virtual support options that cater to housebound Australians and those living in remote, rural and regional areas.

Heart Support Australia’s mission is to facilitate the transition of cardiac patients from hospital to home, for as long as is needed, by providing the physical, psychological, and social support to help reduce the risk of a secondary cardiac event.

How you can help

By fundraising for Heart Support Australia you can help us to continue to reach those who have been affected by a heart event, and their families and carers, and provide them with the programs and services they need to improve their quality of life and help reduce their risk of a secondary heart event.

Your generosity will also contribute to creating additional peer support groups that are needed across the country to reach more Australians suffering from a heart condition or recovering from a heart event.

Interested in starting or joining a peer support group?

We are here to help you - call our National Office on
02 6253 0097 or Contact Us for more information.